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This package is an excellent choice for any ministerial collection and makes a nice addition to other packages. Give the Specialty Certificates as commemorative gifts. Each unique design has space to write in the important details of the special occasion. Individually decorated with our gold embossed ministry seals.

Specialty Certificate Package includes:

This is a lovely package and I am proud to use it soon I hope thank you
I'm always satisfied with the products that i order from you!! prices are excellent and delivery excellent!!
I was pleasantly suprised with all that I got for $13.99. I love the marriage certificates, they are beautiful! The ceremony booklet has barely left my hands! I am doing my first ceremomy in September and it has been avaluble resource for me.So I am very pleased with my package . And teh shipping was very fast too.
Very Nice..I know My couples wiil
love them
Thank you Debra
Self explainable, happy I know where to get them, now all I need is holy water
Package was processed and received very quickly. The tracking process is a nice touch.
I really enjoyed my certificates, they are very beautifully done. I like the embossed letters and gold certificate. Thanks Open Ministry for such a nice product. Blessings, Reverend Kelly Hegg
I love your service, ordering is so easy and your products are excellent, my clients love when i give hem your beautiful certificates.
Thank you!!!
I love the pkg's I have received. The certificates are beautifuland will be very special. Thank you, Estelle Evans
All of the materials that I received were excellent. I anticipate additional orders in the future.

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