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Las Vegas Wedding Officiant Registration

by Open Ministry
Las Vegas Officiant Registration
How to Register as a Wedding Officiant in Las Vegas (Clark County) May in Las Vegas is Royal Wedding Month! At the request of the clerk, who oversees the Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas, the County Commissioners will be...

NYC Registration

by Open Ministry
Register in New York City
How to Register as a Wedding Officiant in New York City New York the Big Apple - the "City that Never Sleeps" a wonderful city rich in culture and people. So many communities to offer your services - with wedding season upon us, we...

A Quick How-to-Get Ordained Guide in 3 simple steps!

by Open Ministry
how to get ordained guide in 3 steps
You have this feeling inside your heart. You may have just had a thought or you have been thinking about it a long time. You may be thinking to yourself, “I want to become a Minister.” Or “I want to become Ordained.” Rest assured, this...

Bless This House

by Open Ministry
House Blessing
  Our Ministers often ask about performing different ceremonies such as blessing a home. Often friends or family will ask a Minister for blessings and it is always good practice to take part in house blessing. It is a special opportunity and...

5 Tips for Ministers officiating a Wedding Ceremony for the first time.

by Open Ministry
Tips for Ministers
1.    Make sure to Get Ordained ! This one should be a no brainer, over here at Open Ministry we are always here for you and we have your back. After becoming Ordained with our Ministry your wonderful journey of officiating ceremonies will...