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Bless This House

by Open Ministry
House Blessing
  Our Ministers often ask about performing different ceremonies such as blessing a home. Often friends or family will ask a Minister for blessings and it is always good practice to take part in house blessing. It is a special opportunity and...

5 Tips for Ministers officiating a Wedding Ceremony for the first time.

by Open Ministry
Tips for Ministers
1.    Make sure to Get Ordained ! This one should be a no brainer, over here at Open Ministry we are always here for you and we have your back. After becoming Ordained with our Ministry your wonderful journey of officiating ceremonies will...

Ideas for your wedding vows

by Open Ministry
Wedding Vow Ideas
Sometimes it is hard to put into words, the feelings of the heart. When the time comes to write your wedding vows, the first step is to speak from the heart. What better way to express the ultimate love for your partner than writing a beautiful...

Live Stream Your Wedding!

by Open Ministry
Streaming Wedding
Ok, so you have planned every tiny detail for your special day. Your guests are arriving and magic is in the air. The only bummer is the groom’s grandparents are too old to travel and they cannot be at your beautiful wedding ceremony. Don’t...

Fun ideas for your wedding ceremony

by Open Ministry
Fun Wedding Ideas
Getting married is one of the most wonderful events that happen in our lifetime. The lifelong commitment of two individuals to one another is so special and has strong roots of tradition. But when it really comes down to it, the ceremony is about...