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Unique wedding ceremony ideas to inspire you

by Open Ministry
Unique wedding ceremony ideas to inspire you

Are you looking for some original wedding ceremony ideas? Well, first of all, we would like to congratulate you on the decision to tie the knot. As you probably know, this is one of the biggest steps in your life and that is why you deserve to have a special ceremony to celebrate it. We have gathered some of the most interesting wedding ceremony ideas to inspire you to have the wedding of your dreams. Now, let's start, shall we?

Choose a venue with a meaning

Booking a restaurant is something people would expect you to do. But, how about being a bit more original? For instance, you can get married at the location where you met each other for the first time. Or, at the place where you said your first "I love you". Basically, any place that is special for your relationship can be the venue. 
Newlyweds kissing on a deck above the water
Having a beach wedding is not something new, but people still like it. Your guests coming from the colder areas or those moving from sunny California will be thrilled to spend some more time on the beach with their loved ones. 

Choose an everlasting bouquet

When you start browsing the Internet for wedding bouquet ideas, be prepared to look at millions of wonderful flower arrangements. Trust us, you can easily get lost and confused by the options ahead of you. And once you choose the perfect one for you, you will be sorry to see it wilt after a week or two. But, there is a solution - why not opt for an everlasting bouquet? Nowadays, you can find artificial flowers made of all sorts of material - paper, straw, fabric, or whatever you think of. If you are not sure what to choose, you can always discuss it with your decorator or florist.

Ask somebody special to officiate your wedding

Ok, this one might not sound so original since many people do it nowadays. But you can be creative and ask somebody special to you, other than your best friend, to get ordained. Here are some suggestions:

  • ask a local celebrity both you and your future spouse are fans of - don't be scared of getting rejected; everybody likes to be a part of somebody's big day.
  • if both of you went to the same school, you can even ask your favorite teacher to officiate your wedding - that is not something we see every day, right? Of course, the same goes for your coach or any other person who influenced your upbringing.
  • maybe you can ask the eldest member of your family to do this. That way you can show them how much you respect them. That would give a traditional touch to your special day and you will show your guests how much you value your family.
  • If there is someone responsible for the two of you getting to know each other, maybe that is the person who should get ordained and perform the wedding ceremony.

Plant a tree of your love

Planting a tree on your wedding day - isn't that a great idea? The tree is the symbol of your love that will grow. Plus, you will do something good for the environment. A few weeks before the wedding get yourself informed about where you can do that. If none of the locations fit, maybe you can even plant a tree in your backyard.
a young tree with two heart-shaped pieces of bark tied to it

Read your favorite book passage to each other

You can read a poem or a passage from your loved one's favorite novel to your spouse at the wedding ceremony. If those words describe your love for him/her, maybe they can even replace the traditional wedding vows. Some people are not comfortable writing about their feelings, and if you are one of them that's fine. Use this shortcut and people will think you are even more romantic than you are.

Including pets in your ceremony

More and more people include pets in their wedding ceremony. If you have one you cannot imagine your special day without, then you should go for it. If the ceremony is taking place outside, you really have no reason to say no. You can even train your dog, cat or exotic pet to bring your rings to the aisle. 
A dog in a suit to illustrate one of the unique wedding ceremony ideas

Make slight alterations to the traditional details

Not every wedding should be the same. Many couples opt to keep the traditional order of events but adapt them to their liking. For instance:

  • instead of little girls throwing petals while the bride approaches the aisle, you can have them blow soap bubbles - you can have some amazing photos of those moments; Bubble send-off to your honeymoon is also an option. 
  • instead of printing the program on a piece of paper or nice cardboard, you can have it printed on fans. Your guests will appreciate it if your ceremony is taking place outside on a tropical day.
  • make personalized presents for guests - if you are making a small, intimate wedding, maybe you can show your guests how much you care about their presence on your special day by making a unique present for each one of them. Here's an idea - you can remind them of some funny moments you had together. Print a story starting with: Remember that time when we... Or you can start a story like that and encourage them to finish it. Include those anecdotes in your wedding photo book later. 
  • you can play a non-traditional song down the aisle - it is your day, you get to choose!

Encourage your guests to wear comfortable clothes and shoes

People should sing, dance and laugh at weddings, that's what the ceremony is about - celebrating love. If their attires are too uncomfortable, they will not be able to relax and enjoy themselves. Encourage them to wear sneakers by wearing a pair yourself!
Bride and groom wearing sneakers
Once you have everything planned, don't forget to relax and enjoy your special day. Good luck!


Contributing Author: Sophia Perry,  Feb 2020, © all rights reserved