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Fall wedding trends 2021

by Open Ministry

Outdoor weddings. There’s a huge trend for outdoor weddings in 2021 and that won’t change, even as the weather cools. From garden fetes to tented ceremonies and celebrations, the open crisp air is really the place to be. Plus Mother Nature really likes showing off in the fall so there’s less work to do when it comes to décor. Have your guests get cozy with lots of twinkly lights and plush furnishings. 

TIP to ensure your guests are comfortable, set up a welcome table with coffee and offer fall colored blankets or wraps, to help fight off any chills.

Bold fall color palettes. Rich sapphires, Burgundy reds, and emerald greens, as well as earth tones like sienna, amber, and brass are on trend for fall. It is all about being bold, bright, seasonal and a bit unexpected. 

Think complimentary- 

Cornsilk + Fawn + Kombu Green 
Rose Dust + Tumbleweed + Mn Blue 
Sugar Plum + Coral + Light Salmon

TIP Check out some great color palettes here

Seasonal suits.
Grooms wear is getting funky fresh these days! Think perfectly tailored suits in jewel box shades like rust, scarlet, teal, or aubergine. If you don’t want to wear a full color-blocked suit, a velvet jacket in one of these shades is a stylish and seasonally appropriate alternative.

Dried flower arrangements. 
Yes we have been seeing dried flowers blow up over the last few years and this trend is continuing in 2021. Florists are getting very creative with their arrangements and making extravagant truly beautiful centerpieces. Picture a  fabulous centerpiece with preserved brown sunflowers, braided wheat, and rust-colored leaves. 

2021 is turning out to be a wonderful year full of amazing ceremonies and we can't wait to share Winter wedding trends in our next blog!


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