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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is ideal for ordained ministers who want more than the base package. Includes your official Letter of Good Standing, Ordination Credential, Membership Certificate, Classic Marriage Certificate, and Certificate Folder. Give the Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift. This package can help you become a registered minister and provide you with the church documentation you need to present your official credentials of ministry. Proudly display your status as an ordained minister and membership with Open Ministry.

Minister Package includes:

I have been a Bible teacher for over 35 years. I have a Doctorate of Theology Degree. I was asked to officiate a wedding but needed the appropriate credentials. Open Ministry provided those credentials in an affordable and very attractive package. Very satisfied with what I received.
my order was satisfactory thank you
Very easy. So easy I didn’t think it was real. Once you buy/receive this package you must get certified by your state. Thank you Open Ministry for helping my nieces dream come true!
Very easy process good product and fast shipping at a good price
Everything I needed in one package!
I received my package in just a few days after my ordination. I had accidentally selected the wrong package initially and you made it very easy to correct that problem. I was very happy once it arrived and have submitted all my information with the state in order to move forward with my plans. Thank you so much and God bless.
I recieved my packaged in few days after my ordination. Everything was in perfect order and packaged nicely. I am super happy with the efficiency and coherency from the ordination to the package being send off to my address. Thank you so much!
Shalom. I am situated in Canada will this package be recognized and valid here? Thanks

--------------Open Ministry response------------------

Dear Andrée,

We want you to have the information you need to help in your ministerial endeavors. Our ministry does not charge membership fees, ordinations are 100% free and granted for life. Our official credentials are not state-specific, they are valid in all 50 states. Open Ministry is a church registered with the State of California; with the purpose to guide and support the church in its mission, outreach, and community services. Our Ministry has the right and privilege to ordain ministers. Our ministers have the same powers and rights as ordained clergy for religious ceremonies, weddings, and other sacerdotal rites.

Marriage laws vary per state and county, it is important to be familiarized and know the ministerial requirements set forth by your state and local government. States can require official documentation to register with the County Clerk or Agency that records marriages in the County you want to perform ceremonies. Contact the county clerk or agency that will be issuing the couple’s marriage license for information, see our Marriage Laws for details at:

Please contact the agency that registers ministers to find out what their requirements are and if they will recognize a US based ordination.

When speaking with the county clerk; it can be helpful to use the following phrases:

• What agency or department issues marriage licenses in your county and how may I contact them?
• I am an ordained minister with a church in California and I would like to register as a wedding Officiant in your county to perform and solemnize weddings.
• I have my Letter of Good Standing and/or Ordination Credential as proof of my ministry and ordination.
• What additional documentation is required for me to register as a wedding Officiant in your county?

We are pleased to offer you our services; we appreciate your support of Open Ministry. If you have questions after reading our Minister Guide, you can visit our informative FAQ section. Please let us know if you would like additional information or if there is anything else we can assist you with by contacting us at

Open Ministry
Received my Minister Package shortly after my ordination (11.01.20). Very well put together, with everything needed to get started.
My fiance's daughter wants to marry next year, and asked if I would get my ordination to officiate her wedding - I was honored!
But, I hope to further myself in offering my services to others as well, and - most importantly - be able to spread positivity, blessings, and the Good Word to those that have an ear to hear!
Thank you for your services and mission. Praying that your Goodworks organizations are blessed by your goodwill to everyone!
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