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The Minister Wallet Card is essential for any minister. Carry and present your ordination status on the go with this official card. Have your ministerial ID with you when performing ceremonies and conducting religious duties.

Custom made with your name and ordination date. Printed with the Open Ministry seal and signature of a church officer. This mini credential can be used for verification of your minister status.

Details: High quality durable plastic, dual sided, credit card size; 3.75 x 2.25

Minister Wallet Card is also included in some of our packages. 

I am very happy with your service. It was fast and courteous I will recommend you any time. Thanks,
Pauline Somoza
The Minister Wallet Card is perfect to carry in your wallet and looks very professional.
I have to say it arrived on time and very easy an light weight to carry
Dear Open Ministry,
Thank you so much for the Minister Wallet Card. I plan to use this to pray for the sick, the homeless and the needy, those who are in prison and those that need spiritual guidance. I dedicated my life to God almost fourteen years ago. I was anointed in Church one night and I plan to put this anointing into good works. I can relate to allot of people who are lost and need prayer. Hopefully with this card God will open doors that need to be open and close those that need to be closed.
The Wallet card is fine. I think it looks well. It is an identification card, no worse than any other. It is way over priced.
Very well made, useful to carry with me. Recommend for all ministers.
Love the appearance of the Minister Wallet Card. Really looks great.
OPEN ministry has been a blessing in my life I have been preaching the gospel for many years.i am very proud to represent open ministry.I will soon be training desciples to become ordained ministers.im also looking through prayer for a building or property to open a church I do have the support of the four square ministrys and the community to open a church im already preaching the gospel at canyon creek church Everett wa.In the name of jesus I thank you for your support. when the time is right my offerings of financial blessings will be sent to open ministrys each month.GOD bless you all in jesus name. you are on our prayers list love (PASTOR) Christopher r. Quezada sr.
so far...so good! you have a very prompt and reliable service. I will be ordering again from you. thank you
great wallet size for me love the size it fit any wallet all minister have to buy this product at open ministry god bless thank you very much love reach-out b.s
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