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Replacement Credentials

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Need Replacement Credentials?

Open Ministry offers discounted replacement credentials for our ministers who have previously requested credentials.

This product is only available to ministers who have previously requested credentials, lost their credentials, had a name change, need to correct the spelling of their name or would like new credentials.

Replacements are only available for:

Please note: You are required to supply your previous order number for which you would like to receive replacements. 


I had misplaced my credentials when moving and was gratified to know that they could be replaced! The process was quickly and efficiently handled! Thank you so much!
Replacement credentials came very fast at a very big discount. Great buy. I'd be happy to pay more for credentials that looked better, better for framing. Put some color, a cross, mention Jesus Christ and Christianity. I bet I wont be the only one. If you ever do make better credentials, let me know.
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