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Minister of the Month

Minister of the Month for November 2018


Sara Gomez

Ordained: 01/18/2013

"My name is Sara Jayne Gomez and I am 42 and disabled. I am also an Ordained Minister Thanks to Open Ministry. It has always been my dream to be a Minister. I never thought that I would ever accomplish being one until I discovered Open Ministry. I love being an Ordained Minister cause I can work my own hours and change lives. I have survived being in a abusive relationship, being raped, I over came cervical cancer and I am a proud parent of 6 children & I have 2 wonderful grandchildren. I have always been taught to help other's first and always look to God for answers. God has made me stronger and better. I enjoy helping and giving and I don't think twice about it. I'm honored to be your Minister of the Month, by just doing something that comes natural to me. God Bless & Thank you"