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Bless This House

by Open Ministry
House Blessing


Our Ministers often ask about performing different ceremonies such as blessing a home. Often friends or family will ask a Minister for blessings and it is always good practice to take part in house blessing. It is a special opportunity and great feeling that is created by the actions of a Minister and a group of friends and family during house blessing. There are many ways to create a blessed house filled with good energy and positivity. Here are some tips to get you started for blessing a home:

1). Invite friends and family to the home to take part in the special occasion.

2). Communicate with the family of the house and their goals for the blessing prior to the ceremony.

3). Set a positive tone for the blessing by having everyone stand in a certain way - either a circle or your choosing.

 4). Light a pink candle (pink brings the energy of love and kindness) and pass the candle around to each individual person so they may share a blessing.

 5). Make sure the home is clean and tidy before the blessing as to create a good environment for the blessing.

 6). Try to set different intentions for different rooms of the house as to add different positive energies for different areas of the house.

 Hopefully these simple tips will help our Ministers during the act of house blessing - A blessed house is a happy house filled with joy.