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I live in Belgium. Sadly, the ordination is not valid here. Here, to be a minister, you need to go to university for 6 years
I do God's work on a daily basis and thought that it was only fitting that I get the credentials that go along with the job that I do for others.
Good Morning , I have been ordained 12/3/2017 I am very new at this but I wantto praise the Lord for Open Ministry ,Im going to be very happy here
Thank you for your very professional service.
I am very happy that I went with Open Ministry. Happy Holidays
Praise the lord...just got ordained and I'm excited to be able to take my ministry into the jails and the streets to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am very proudto be a servant to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with him all things are possible, but without God nothing is possible. Remember God loves you and me so very much, that he sent his son to be our sacrifice, he Jesus, paid a debt that he did not owe, we owed a debt we could not pay. With his sacrifice of dieing on the cross and rising from the tomb on the 3rd day, gives us the hope to be with him in heaven, if you accept The Lord as your personal Savior, and read his word and follow his teachings. For God is Great , I love him with my whole heart , soul, I can't wait to see him , that is going to be an awesome day. PraiseGod. If you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, please contact me , and I will be honored to introduce you to him.
Untill then
Hello and Christian greetings from the UK. I have been an ordained Minister of the Open-Ministry since February 2012. I have a tiny non profit House Church and hold services approx 3 times a month. The services provided by the Open-Ministry are next to none. I have received all certificates and goods ordered in no time at all considering the distance involved ( across the pond ) . All of us in our congregation are more than pleased to send a donation to help with the Oen-Ministry good works and ordinations.
Always friendly & Helpful. I'm so happy to be a part of a awesome team.
Hello to USA and UK. I live in the UK and was ordained minister, I received my credentials so anyone wishing to use my services please contact me. Even if it's for a chat thank you all.
For many years I have been an ordained minister. In addition, It is a great pleasure to be apart of a professional organization that keeps you updated with current information and a organization to support your ministry is Awesome! I have several affiliations I am connected to, but not always able to get everything I need to support events. Open Ministry is always on time operating in a Spirit of Excellence! Thank you for all that you do around the world.
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