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Thank you so much for having me. I will soon continue by sending for my official credintials, Till then god bless
and thanks again...
Rev. Bruce V. Nichols
Greetings In Jesus Name,
I did, in fact, receive my package from you & am very pleased with all your products. Thank you so much for your prompt response & the startup documents.

The disciple whom Jesus loves,
Charlotte Luerssen
dear sirs i like ur services and all that u have to offer i will be ordering more things in the future thx robert
I am very pleased with my order. I was surprised that the certificate did not have the title Rev. before my name. I was not sure if I made the error and was going to check with you on that as well as the Ordination card. Other than that, I am very excited. I will be ordering the wedding certificates. I also liked the booklet. The products are beautifully packaged and your services are very prompt.

God Bless

Carolyn Talley
Thank you very much for the credentials. I was formerly ordained through a ministry in Missouri, but was not happy with it. I have a church and Prison Ministry.
Thank you
i really liked them.god bless
Thank you very much for the ordination! The package worked great. Thanks again Rev. JT
Thank you. FYI I officiated my first wedding 9/17 all went well and it was in front of 250 people. Great day!
Your service was excellent and every things was delved on time and the documents were excellent.

Tony Sanchez
The services of Open Ministry are very profesional and distinguished. Thank you for your help and assistance to ministers in the performance of their duties.
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