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Thanks to Oministry, I've been able to help people achieve their dreams for one of the biggest days of their lives. I've performed traditional services, religious and secular, and even some non-traditional services, including a Halloween service (I was dressed as a gnome, the couple as Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice), a hospital wedding, and a prison wedding. It's a blessing to be a part of these people's lives.
I used your service and it was excellent! The paper work arrived very quickly and was all in order and beautifully displayed! I brought everything into the Clay County Courthouse in Moorhead, MN and all was perfect! I was honored to be the Officient at our friends wedding this past Saturday July 30th in Stillwater, Mn.
Thank for helping me get ordained as a Rev. I can now do my full duty I had no problem getting registered in my state you all made it easy for me to do what I can for the work the lord has for me Thank you so much open ministries I am so blessed
Thank you so much.
Received all the documents requested promptly.Thank you for all your help.Blessing to you all that make this possible.
Wondering if my certificate expires, or is out good for life?
I just got ordained very exited new experience
I was ordained in 2011 Proud to be of service to God and the public I do Weddings Baptism's sick calls visits prayer service house blessings personal blessings funerals memorials Dedications councilor crisis intervention. I want to thank Open Ministry for my service and calling also I've became a licensed Chaplain I'm Christian by faith and do Non denominational Services! I feel Blessed everyday and thanked by many everyday! Thank you God and Open Ministry! as they say they sky is the limit! I charge a small fee for my services to cover expenses! So when you start here the sky is the limit! I'm always continuing my education and studies! God Bless you all and God Speed! Amen+++ Rev Jerald Fales Chaplain oms +++
I became an ordained minister to officiate the wedding of a good friend of mine. Since then I have done a handful of weddings. I actually have one this evening. This has been a very cool journey. I am always honored to be part of the couple's special day. Thank you Open Ministry for making this possible.
I am for Evangelist license though your agency there let me know how much a Evangelist cost you there. Please me know something back God Blessed you there
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