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I am thankful for being a part of a great organization. Being able to do a work for God is truly a wonderful blessing. May all my family in this ministry be blessed. :)
I cannot find a cost to do this.


We are following up on your inquiry. We want you to have the information you need to help in your ministerial endeavors. Our ministry does not charge membership fees, ordinations are 100% free and granted for life. Our official credentials are not state-specific, they are valid in all 50 states. We recommend ministers acquire church ordination documentation as a record of clergy status for registration and display. You can request credentials through our bookstore at: https://www.oministry.com/credentials.

Open Ministry is a church registered with the State of California; with the purpose to guide and support the church in its mission, outreach, and community services. Our Ministry has the right and privilege to ordain ministers. Our ministers have the same powers and rights as ordained clergy for religious ceremonies, weddings, and other sacerdotal rites.

Marriage laws vary per state and county, it is important to be familiarized and know the ministerial requirements set forth by your state and local government. States can require official documentation to register with the County Clerk or Agency that records marriages in the County you want to perform ceremonies. Contact the county clerk or agency that will be issuing the couple’s marriage license for information, see our Marriage Laws for details at: https://www.oministry.com/ordained-marriage-laws.

We are pleased to offer you our services; we appreciate your support of Open Ministry. If you have questions after reading our Minister Guide, you can visit our informative FAQ section. For further assistance, please contact us by visiting: https://support.oministry.com

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
God is good
Open Ministry is amazing. I'm earning a Masters of Arts in Chaplaincy and this will help me fulfill my work as a devout follower of Christ The Lord!

My credential of ministry arrived immediately after ordering and I will be sure to invest in all credentials offered at Open Ministry that professionally support my mission to be of help to my neighbors.

In Him..
I didn’t receive the right package in my order and when I got a call back the person was rude and wasn’t helpful. I’ve been a member since 2014 and could believe how rudely I was treated and still got the wrong package!

I’m very disappointed hurt.

-----Open Ministry Response-----
Barbara, We are sorry to hear that the customer service rep on your phone call was rude. We see that you originally requested two different packages. The one you did not want (the ordination package) was removed per your request and your order and that your account was compensated on 09/29/2020 at 09:27 AM for the unwanted items.

If you could follow up with your support ticket we can look into the matter for you further.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be ordained. My first wedding will be 09/17/2020. I will be officiating my daughter's wedding. I am so excited to do this.
I decided to become ordained for one reason really. I’m going to perform my dad’s wedding for him. Since Covid-19 is still hanging around, my dad hasn’t been able to find anyone to perform his ceremony. I felt it was the right thing to do. Also, I feel as though God was guiding me to do so. I ordered the Membership Package and I am extremely pleased with it!! I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. I received my package about 2 days later. I’ve got my eyes on a few other items and can’t wait until I can order them!
I was ordained August 26th 2020 and ordered my wallet card credential and three days later (August 29th 2020 ) I Received it - Thanks SO MUCH for being SO Fast to get it to me. It IS an Honor to BE a Minister FOR Christ and a Blessing the Open Ministry exists for people to do so.Cant Wait to Order and Receive my Ordination Package as that is the Next thing I will get once have funds to do so , then I Will feel free to do Any and Every thing FOR HIM.
God loves us all
My minister's package came in exquisite detail and I am very happy with it! I felt moved by the Spirit to become ordained, so that is my reason for doing this.

In Matthew 28:18, Jesus commissioned His followers to ..."Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you...."

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