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Very fast shipping, very professional material and very satisfied. God bless you guys!
Open ministry is a Great Help of God people to minister the word .if it is a calling on your life let open ministry help u be ordain I join 7 yrs ago love it thank u again open ministry for your help in spreading jesus christ word in the world go ye into the world and spreading god word chaplain of amer legion IL
Is this legal in UK ???


We want you to have the information you need to help in your minister endeavors. Our ministry does not charge membership fees, ordinations are 100% free and granted for life. Your official credentials are proof of your ordination and status as a minister in good standing, they are not state specific and are valid in all US states.

Marriage laws vary per state and county, it is important to be familiarized and know the ministerial requirements set forth by your state and local government. States may require official documentation to register with the county clerk or agency that records marriages in the county you want to perform ceremonies. Contact the county clerk or agency that will be issuing the couple’s marriage license for information. See our Marriage Laws for details at:

We are pleased to offer you our services; we appreciate your support of Open Ministry. After reviewing our Minister Guide and FAQ section, if you still have questions, please contact us directly for additional information. You can reach us by visiting:

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
I truly thank you Open Ministry, for Ordaining me in 2018. It has really been a tremendous blessing.
I'm preforming my first wedding on sat. January 18 2020 to a friend and on April 20 2020 another friend has asked me to officiate there wedding also I've been ordained since Jun 2019 just getting requests here in central Maine
I love this createndial
Hello Friends, I'm Ordained to Perform Minister Duties and Chaplain serviced.
Non-Denominational Services! Feel free to contact me @ and Facebook! I'm in the Cincinnati Ohio Area!
Hello, I want to ask if these certificates are valid in English
I've been ordained for almost 1 year and I'm really happy for everything. Next year when my granddaughter gets married, she wants me to perform the ceremony. Also her mom wants me to perform her ceremony a well. Thank you Open Ministries for having this service.
I am very grateful
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