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I truly thank you Open Ministry, for Ordaining me in 2018. It has really been a tremendous blessing.
I'm preforming my first wedding on sat. January 18 2020 to a friend and on April 20 2020 another friend has asked me to officiate there wedding also I've been ordained since Jun 2019 just getting requests here in central Maine
I love this createndial
Hello Friends, I'm Ordained to Perform Minister Duties and Chaplain serviced.
Non-Denominational Services! Feel free to contact me @ and Facebook! I'm in the Cincinnati Ohio Area!
Hello, I want to ask if these certificates are valid in English
I've been ordained for almost 1 year and I'm really happy for everything. Next year when my granddaughter gets married, she wants me to perform the ceremony. Also her mom wants me to perform her ceremony a well. Thank you Open Ministries for having this service.
I am very grateful
If I order priority mail to Oklahoma about how quickly would it arrive? I'm hoping to officiate a wedding October 5th and I am very interested in getting on board here. I love some of the reviews I've seen on here and this ministry looks to have blessed so many people in several ways. I would be so honored to be apart of seeing God bless people firsthand with the help of this ministry.
I am minister James Kelly. I became ordained through Open Ministries. I live in the state of Florida. Florida recognizes my credentials from open ministry. I have full ministers rights. Thank God and Thank you Open Ministries
I'm Loving It!!

I was ordained in 2018, and I am loving what I do as a Minister. The Father YAHAWAH has been so wonderful to me. I am a Qahal (Assembly) Leader, and I don't have a Church. I and others gather together anywhere because we are the 'Church' and don't need 'walls' surrounding us all the time. even though I have been an Ordained Minister of the Word for Women for many years, I decided to have a document for the people of the world to see. The best part about being a Minister (Qahal Leader), is that I don't have to tell anyone what I am or who I am. The notice it by my character, then they ask me, "Are you a Pastor or something?" I go out and pass out Tracts to people, and I enjoy the freedom to express my faith and the Father Yah's Word through the teachings of HIS 'Set-Apart' (holy) Son, YAHAWASHI. Dealing with life and love in the Father is a great JOY in itself. I leave everything in the Father's control, and I am very thankful, humbled and grateful to serve HIM. I also express my sincere thanks to you, Open Ministry, for blessing me with the Ordination.

I give it all two thumbs up!

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