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I was ordained with Open Ministry in 2014 having been in ministry since 1988, starting as an Intern Pastor , then Associate and finally Senior Pastor with my husband It is a pleasure to recommend this ministry especially after 36 years of serving the Lord. I have had the honor of officiating multiple marriages , funerals, baptisms and guest speaking at multiple churches. Thank you for opening the door to others who wish to serve the Lord. Blessings
I became a minister back in 2015 so that I could handle my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Who knew at that time my father had terminal colorectal cancer. Knowing this now makes that moment so much more special. I actually officiated my youngest brother's wedding at my father's house the night before he dies so he could see my brother get married.
I’m looking for some one to officialize my marriage we got our license but still need to have the ceremony is there any one who can help us pleaseeeeee
Open Ministry has been a blessing in my life.

I have officiated several weddings, funerals and been a pastor to those that would not normally walk into a church building.

One of the sweetest blessings, was to officiate one of my three son's wedding.
Can't wait to save up enough to buy the paperwork.
Thank you Open ministry been wanting to do this for a long time even life is a struggle right now the Lord will guide me and help me along the way
Does the ordination license come in the mail?

~Open Ministry Response~

To receive a hard copy of your ordination, you can request credentials through our bookstore at: If you have any questions, please send us a message to for assistance.
I was raised in church, saved as a teenager, but here recently have been on a deeply spiritual journey. I decided to use my social media platforms and followings to spread the Word of God and do something good with it. I appreciate being ordained today so that I can continue spreading the Word in a way that people might take me a little more seriously. I feel like even though women have come a long way, it still feels somewhat odd to have a pastor who is a woman. But I feel called to do this and I'm honored to have the title. Thank you.
Since birth I knew I had to be with the Lord. And now, I get to be with Him all the time through marrying everyone to an acoustic version of 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga. #slay #progressivecatholicism #preach #slaysistersoulsister
Blessings, I’m glad to be able to serve as an Ordained Minister & offer religious services to the community. Thank you for the ordination. God bless you.
Giving honor to My Lord and Savior. You done what said and provided me with my license
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