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Hello how long does it take to ship the supplies?

--Open Ministry Response--
Arial, we are not able to location your minister information with the limited information you have provided. Please visit https://support.oministry.com for help and support.

I received a message from James today that my previous ordination was cancelled due to an error on my part. I reapplied and I have been confirmed for my ordination with today's date. Yay!!! My sister, Arabel, will be looking at the packages when she gets off of work and we'll decide which one to order. I'm so excited, none of our family nor friends will know I will be the ordination minister, its a surprise until I walk up to the podium!

Your professionalism, courteousness, and timeliness are so appreciated, what a great company to be affiliated with. Thank you so much!

Diana Usher
My regrets for not getting back to you fellow beleivers, I was out of the country for a short time, all was well with my order thank you again Grace and peace Rev. McBean
Your materials are very nice and easy to use. I only applied just in case the guy to marry my son and his bride didn't show up, however he didn't and the ceremony was well done. It just seems that you have to know much if anything about God and His Son Jesus and you can still marry people when He is the one who ordained marriage in the first place. Just know one thing God LOVES you.
Linda Vitek Hills
Thanks for everything I think everything look very professional and I have talked to other ministers about becoming members .thanks a lot
I love it! Thank you
Open Ministry has been very helpful and very quick with answers to my questions and credentials
Open Ministry, I found your service fast and efficient-it got the job done
thank you!
To open ministry : my name is Ian Morin and I recently visited open ministry via the web site. A close friend asked me if I would marry them. After searching several options I decided that open ministry was the best option. To my surprise my order was shipped same day and came exactly as promised. The wallet card and ordination package were very high quality and reasonably priced. I also ordered a certificate which was very nice. Thanks to open ministry my first duty of joining a couple went flawless!! I recommend open ministry to any person interested in becoming ordained. Sincerely Ian Morin Ordained Minister.
Open Ministries:
Thank-You for your prompt service.
My order came to me just as I was told it would come.
I had tracking number to follow my order - It came in a fashionable amount of time.
My Information was printed on High Quality Paper. Nice for framing.
I am going to be placing another order with you in the near future.
I am also Thankful to be able to full fill my Life Long Dream.
Being a Minister of Our Daddy Jesus to be able to make others HAPPY!!
Thank-You so much.
Blessings and Peace --
Pastor Carol.
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