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I just got ordained very exited new experience
I was ordained in 2011 Proud to be of service to God and the public I do Weddings Baptism's sick calls visits prayer service house blessings personal blessings funerals memorials Dedications councilor crisis intervention. I want to thank Open Ministry for my service and calling also I've became a licensed Chaplain I'm Christian by faith and do Non denominational Services! I feel Blessed everyday and thanked by many everyday! Thank you God and Open Ministry! as they say they sky is the limit! I charge a small fee for my services to cover expenses! So when you start here the sky is the limit! I'm always continuing my education and studies! God Bless you all and God Speed! Amen+++ Rev Jerald Fales Chaplain oms +++
I became an ordained minister to officiate the wedding of a good friend of mine. Since then I have done a handful of weddings. I actually have one this evening. This has been a very cool journey. I am always honored to be part of the couple's special day. Thank you Open Ministry for making this possible.
I am interested.to.apply for Evangelist license though your agency there let me know how much a Evangelist cost you there. Please me know something back God Blessed you there
I went through everything I needed to go through to get ordained. But I didn't have the money to pay for the paperwork that they were offering. Does that mean that I am still ordained or does it mean that I am not. You guys said that I was ordained. But I don't know what's going on can you guys please get back to me and let me know what's going on I would appreciate it thank you very much. I will have the money to buy the package on the 1st of March. But until then I have no money.


We are following up on your inquiry. We want you to have the information you need to help in your ministerial endeavors. Our ministry does not charge membership fees, ordinations are 100% free and granted for life. Our official credentials are not state-specific, they are valid in all 50 states. We recommend ministers acquire church ordination documentation as a record of clergy status for registration and display. You can request credentials at any time through our bookstore at: https://www.oministry.com/credentials.

Open Ministry is a church registered with the State of California; with the purpose to guide and support the church in its mission, outreach, and community services. Our Ministry has the right and privilege to ordain ministers. Our ministers have the same powers and rights as ordained clergy for religious ceremonies, weddings, and other sacerdotal rites.

Marriage laws vary per state and county, it is important to be familiarized and know the ministerial requirements set forth by your state and local government. States can require official documentation to register with the County Clerk or Agency that records marriages in the County you want to perform ceremonies. Contact the county clerk or agency that will be issuing the couple’s marriage license for information, see our Marriage Laws for details at: https://www.oministry.com/ordained-marriage-laws.

We are pleased to offer you our services; we appreciate your support of Open Ministry. If you have questions after reading our Minister Guide, you can visit our informative FAQ section. For further assistance, please contact us by visiting: https://support.oministry.com

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
At my church I attend I minister to the children's Minster and I enjoy working with 6-year to12 year old. And I take care of the Elderly in their home and prepare meals and Minister the word of God and have Bible reading and ministering to others, led by the Holy Spirit.
excited to be Minister Harris I feel closer to God and I am super excited to start officiating weddings
I’m new to this calling, and want to make sure of the proper steps and documents needed to submit to my local city and county department. However, I could not access anything in the state of Arkansas. Please help. Thank you and I’m looking forward to this Godly endeavor for His glory.
I ordered my “certificate”. I have sent numerous messages to support desk explaining my order did NOT arrive, although the tracking said delivered. I even notified USPS that there was NO delivery as stated. The ONLY response they sent me was “see tracking information”. Asked for rep to call me and was refused. Last email they told me NOT to reply to email. Poor customer service and I am out $20. Not even an option to send me my certificate in PDF.

----- Open Ministry Response -----
Craig, We contacted you multiple times via our ticket system. USPS marked your package as delivered. We asked you to contact your local post office with your tracking information and file a claim for non-delivery. Our phone rep. called the number you provided multiple times and was unable to reach you nor leave a voicemail. Please contact us via our support department for follow-up.
I performed my niece's wedding this past weekend, thanks to my Open Ministry ordination. Preparing and presiding over the ceremony brought me closer to both the bride and groom and to family and friends. After the ceremony, I was surprised when a number of people asked me if I would perform their wedding. While many people will prefer to be married by a clergy member from their congregation, Open Ministry provides a way for the bride and groom to be married by a family member or friend who has known them perhaps their whole life and has special connections with the couple and wedding guests. Thanks Open Ministry for making this possible!
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