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I just completed my first marriage ceremony on Saturday and it was amazing. God is good.
I am Minister Elder of Communication/Encouragement Counseling.
the more I study the 'Word of God' the more I want to know. His Word should always be the top agenda on your list and He will fight your calls for you. www.poetrysoup.com/me/JuLaw1945 'Where You Maybe Able To Write Your Own Story'
I have been Ordained through open ministry for almost a year, the only downside is most churches and people of such frown on being ordained ( Online ) i think if the open ministry didn't say get ordained online and changed it to they offered their church services through the internet it would settle better God bless.
This is my first experience with Open Ministry and I am very pleased with the service.
I performed my daughters wedding. It was the happiest day of my life. Thank the Lord!
I want to start by thanking God for all He's done in my life. Yesterday I had the privilege of performing my first wedding sice becoming ordained. I was so pleased when my cousin asked me to be the one to marry her and her now new husband, hopefully this opens the door for more weddings to come
I have 3 items in my cart, and have been trying for 3 weeks to download,any ideas ?


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First, I want to give thanks and praises to our Almighty Father, His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, and His Spirit to lead and guide me into His Righteousness. I want to thank Open Ministry for guidance and ordination to serve and do God's Will in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. I have officiated at wedding and funerals in Los Angeles California through The Holy Spirit and have done great works for the Glory of God and will continue to do so.
I thank God for Open Ministry. My husband was able to marry our daughter the wedding was beautiful. God is awesome and doing great things. We are both ordained with Open Ministry looking forward to see what God has in store for us.
Great idea, great work. Open Ministry is a great vehicle for ministry impowerment. I have been tremendously blessed by this ministry. Any cameroonian or African brother can hook up with me. Thanks Pastor Phil.
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