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I received my credentials and Letter of Good Standing and everything was correct! I have now registered with my County Clerks Office and I am ready to perform weddings. Thank you Open Ministry for giving me an opportunity to serve others.


Rev. Christopher Brown
I am truly blessed to be ordained with this group since 2015. I have done multiple weddings and I am very happy to be doing this for the people of my community as well as the people that I love. Thank you Open Ministry for this amazing blessing!
Thank you so much Open Ministry for providing so many who are called to do the Lord's work. I have been doing several Funerals, visiting the sick and finished my first Phase to be a Pastoral Counselor. God bless you for the work you do and helping God's people.
I,will be happy when I get official documents I,will thanks God
I,am greater now of Jesus name and I will be happy to be a church in this world partners support of Jesus minister to God first and I like to be the mission
After receiving my package back in May, I was excited and nervous. I finally performed my first ceremony for my best friend and her fiancee. It was a bitter sweet moment, because it took them twelve years to take that step but me performing the wedding was a true honor to them both. I look forward to performing many more. Thank you Open Ministry for providing this excellent opportunity.
I thank THE MOST HIGH GOD for Open Ministry, i was truly uncomfortable with the way most were telling me how i had to get ordained by attending and joining their organizations and colleges, which i founded was was full of traditions and legalism some of the very things my LORD and GOD was against. i truly believe that is THE MOST HIGH GOD who ordains HIS ministers. with that said once again thank you Open Ministry for being led by THE HOLY SPIRIT to create this site. GODSPEED.
Becoming an ordained minister has helped me to go on and pursue seminary and start working for the second largest church in America. With my ordination, this has also given me the chance to do weddings and then become an officiant for others. Getting ordained is what has jumped started my career in the ministry. Thank you for all you have done.
Thank you so much, since being ordained by Open Ministries I now Pastor my first Community Chapel, I thank God for opening the door and showing me what my purpose in life is.
I so happy to become a Minister. I went to the courthouse to register as a Minister, I was told that in my state OPEN MINISTRY Ministers can not register as Ministers. I was so disappointed because I want to perform my duties as a Minister.

Dear Minister Valdez,

You were ordained with a physical church in California by the senior Chaplain of our Ministry. Your ordination record is held in our church registry and is in good standing.

Open Ministry is a non-profit church registered with the State of California; with the purpose to guide and support the church in its mission, outreach and community services. Our Ministry has the right and privilege to ordain ministers. Our ministers have the same powers and rights as ordained clergy for religious ceremonies, weddings and other sacerdotal rites. Ministers are granted the ability to perform the sacrament of marriage, among other practices protected by our constitutional rights; and freedom of religious customs without restraint as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Your ordination was granted to you by our Senior Chaplain from our church headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Ministers are granted specific rights and privileges under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Our ministers should be able to register in their states without complaint or discrimination from the county or elected officials.

Have you contacted the county clerk to inform them you were not ordained online and that a physical ministry holds your record of ordination in a church registry? It can be imperative how you present your ordination to the county clerk and that you use the right verbiage as we have provided for you in previous correspondence. After following the steps we provided, if you are still not able to register with any county in your state and you have informed the clerk they cannot deny you the ability to perform the sacrament of marriage on a personal bias, please let us know. Your ordination and credentials of ministry are still valid. Please contact us directly at support@oministry.com if there is anything further we can do to assist you in your ministerial endeavors.

Open Ministry
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