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The Minister Wallet Card is essential for any minister. Carry and present your ordination status on the go with this official card. Have your ministerial ID with you when performing ceremonies and conducting religious duties.

Custom made with your name and ordination date. Printed with the Open Ministry seal and signature of a church officer. This mini credential can be used for verification of your minister status.

Details: High quality durable plastic, dual sided, credit card size; 3.75 x 2.25

Minister Wallet Card is also included in some of our packages. 

I'm happy wiyh my products,no complaints.i will order more products later on.
Awesome....... My congregation loves it.
Never new I could feel so intune with others that praise our Lord
I like the card. It is impressive looking. The only change that I would like to see is to place the TITLE and NAME on the front of the card so it can be viewed if worn as an ID card at places like hospitals and prisons.
Nice quality card, would recommend ordering this card to carry on your person.
these are great, would have liked an i.d. number but these are still great.
I have ordered from Open Ministry on a number of times and always satisfied . Thanks for your speedy and blesses service .
The card is very professional and convenient. It is easy to carry and very handy. I can keep it with me at all times.
very very good design and I am happy with id card the colour and easy to

read to read people love the id card that show it too
all the things I have gotten from the ministry has been wonderful . very beautifully designed and everybody just says how great all the certificates look , and are so appreciative of getting such wonderful papers to keep for the occasions.
The Minister's wallet Card is pretty nicely made and professional in appearance. It is nice to have in my pocket when proof of Ministry is asked about. Teaching the word of God to others is an amazing gift.
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