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Live Stream Your Wedding!

by Open Ministry
Streaming Wedding

Ok, so you have planned every tiny detail for your special day. Your guests are arriving and magic is in the air. The only bummer is the groom’s grandparents are too old to travel and they cannot be at your beautiful wedding ceremony. Don’t worry, we live in the days of technology. Live streaming weddings are becoming more and more common and easier than ever to do. All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or laptop and you can share the special moments live broadcast over the Internet!



Pick your favorite service:

Apple Face Time is a handy tool to live stream a wedding. If you have a MacBook, IPhone, or iPad anyone can FaceTime to grandma and grandpa so they will not miss the special moment.

Skype works on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Skype is a free service and even allows for conference calls with up to 10 computers.

Google hangouts is another great option which allows multiple computers to come together and live broadcasts to YouTube.

Instagram Live – Instagram recently added the feature where you can live stream to others who have an Instagram account. All you need is a phone and the Instagram ap and you are good to go – just hit Live!

With a little proper planning, you can stream your wedding to others thousands of miles away very easily and share the moment with loved ones even if they are not physically there!