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Top 10 Destination Wedding Spots

by Open Ministry
Destination Weddings

10 of our staffs picks for the best destination wedding locations. We predict these locations will be making headlines in the year to come! Perfect for the next generation of the newly-weds-to-be!

From Jamaica to Belize, if you're looking for a road map of the hottest wedding locations get ready to pack your bag!


10. Aruba

Why choose Aruba for your Caribbean wedding? Well, there's the reliably near-perfect weather. You've worked hard all year, now it's time for vacation. Guarantee yourself a vacation full of ideal tanning conditions, unwaveringly sunny skies, warm temperatures, and cooling breezes.

9. Belize

You can find yourself in a secluded village, a lively town or 5 star resorts; a wedding in Belize at any one of these spots an ideal choice for any couple to say "I Do." Treasure the ambience of a beach wedding with the stunning panoramic views of the bright turquoise Caribbean, surrounded by coconut palms and fragrent flowers.

8. Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cancun may have earned its reputation as a party-goers destination, there is more to this bustling resort town than just a party. Cancun has the second largest reef in the world, the Maya Reef draws lovers of the ocean from far reaches of the earth. Featuring underwater gardens and warm, clear waters. A perfect spot for a beach wedding!

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to many hidden gems and a paradise that is just waiting discovery!

6. Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Bávaro Beach - Is one of the world's greatest beach strips is centered at Punta Cana and Bávaro on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. This stretch of beachfront goes on for over 20 miles and is renowned for its all-inclusive resorts, the largest concentration in the Caribbean.

5. Italy

Dreams do come true in the Italian backscape, Italy home of romance and passion. With either rolling hills covered with olive trees and grapevines or renaissance villas and gothic churches, vibrant yellow fields of sunflowers and villages with lined with cobblestone streets. Italy is the place for lovers!

4. Jamaica

Jamaica holds many waterfront treasures waiting to be discovered by newlywed couples!

3. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a quick flight from the western United States to the tip of Baja, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas and San Josa del Cabo surrounded by major resorts, golf courses, recreation areas, and hotels offering some of the best locations for stunning Los Cabos wedding packages.

2. Oahu, Hawaii

Without a doubt, the Hawaiian sunset is a treasure to behold. Just imagine saying “I Do” on the beach at sunset.

1. Turks and Caicos Islands

The pristine beaches, snorkeling and diving, deserted cays, sparkling turquoise waters, refreshing breezes, starlit nights, excellent hotels & amenities and the happy friendly people of the Turks and Caicos Islands make up the perfect destination for marriages and honeymooners.

Weddings here are celebrations. Church bells ringing, champagne on ice, decorated vehicles honking horns, music and dancing amongst happy faces and greetings from everyone. Weddings can also be small and intimate, in a garden or tropical foliage where singing is done by the variety of birds, or in sail boat on tranquil turquoise waters along the shores with a view of the beaches and rolling hills and the breakers on the barrier reef. The Turks and Caicos Islands offer this unique experience.