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Minister Parking Pass

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Designed to hang or display in Minister's vehicle when parking to perform ministerial duties. This permit may grant parking privileges where clergy parking is available. The Minister Parking Pass is a great to have for on-the-go Ministers. Includes permit number for Minister identification and official use. Details: Premium quality plastic with metallic gold detail, made to last; 2.75 X 4.75 in

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Great service and support. I have been with this ministry since 2016 .Great price and fast shipping.
All the items I have ordered have arrived very quickly. I will be registering with my city to preside over ceremonies soon. I will let you all know the result. Thank you, Open Ministries.
I have wanted to get this parking pass for quite awhile and am glad I did.
I'd really like to get a parking pass, but the five dollar shipping charge is what's holding me back. It seems to me that five dollars is exorbitantly for shipping such a small, lightweight product. I just felt compelled to tell you that.
i just got my open ministry seal and next will be my parking pass
My experience on the website is always a "BLESSED ONE'', God is so "GOOD'', Amen!..............
I've never had a hard time navigating Open Ministry's web site, so I am thinking it may be some other issue, causing the person who gave the bad review prior to me, not to be able to navigate to this web site to purchase a parking pass. Sorry you had such a difcucult time. Please don't give up on Open Ministry or their web site. With that said, I want to say thank you to Open Ministry for coming up with idea of parking passes!
it a good thing to have
Absolutely the hardest web site to navigate. I give up. All I wanted to do is buy a parking pas and it kept redirecting me to my e mail . Tried 8 times. Oh well its their loss,

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