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This package is perfect for the minister about to perform a marriage ceremony. Display your official Credentials of Ministry to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Give a Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift and present it in the Certificate Holder to protect their certificate and enhance the presentation. Become a wedding officiant today with this custom package that includes official church documentation for registration and display.

Ceremony Package includes:

Can't thank Open Ministry enough for the many wonderful services, resources, and information supplied. Our wedding ceremony was even better than hoped. So much so that I look forward to the next opportunity to preside over the next ceremony. Thank you so much.
the Ceremony Package
Great service, helpful information, all documents arrived on time and are very valuable for establishing credentials.
the Ceremony Package
Package was awesome. Exactly as described and received it very quickly. No complaints, will be ordering more soon!
the Ceremony Package
I was very impressed with ceremony package when received. It was pack properly to prevent any bends or creases in the forms. I will order more when ready.
the Ceremony Package
I liked the quality of the paper goods.
the Ceremony Package
Very happy with ceremony package. Nice professional look to all certificates and sent out promptly.
the Ceremony Package
I have not received my package yet? I sent an email to address the problem and received no feed back, so now I must report the charges as fraud because I did not receive the goods that I paid for.

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Your package was processed and shipped out on 2/19 with tracking number. You entered your address incorrectly and you did not leave a forward for your package. Since USPS still has your package when it returns to us we will contact you about reshipping options.
the Ceremony Package
It was a last minute idea to do the ceremony for my daughter and everything was very nice and very prompt! I am very pleased with the quality of all items i ordered!
the Ceremony Package
i received the ceremony package. the quality was extremely high. When i placed my order, the process was very easy, they didnt ask a bunch of unnessasary questio9ns abnd it was very fast. I received my package in two days. I live in an extremely rural area and ordering things on line is the fastest way to do things. I wasnt disapointed in the quality of the documents or the ease and speed of shipping. I will definitely order from you again, and i would highly recomend your services to others.

m. landreth
the Ceremony Package
I recieved my ceremony package,which was alot nicer than I expected. I also got the ceremony booklet which is very informative and nicely written. My experience with Open Ministry has been above and beyound expectations
the Ceremony Package
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