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If your county clerk requires an Affidavit of Authority to Solemnize Marriages, this document fulfills that requirement. Select the county in which you will be registering to perform a wedding. 

NOTE: If your county is not listed and you've been informed you need an Affidavit, please visit our support system and request to add your county.


I'm looking forward to being an officiant for weddings in my area. However, all of the pictures you feature are unreadable, they're too unfocused to make out. It would be very much appreciated to be able to see these clearly.


We want you to have the information you need to help in your minister endeavors. We are pleased to offer you our services; we appreciate your support of Open Ministry. If you have questions regarding our certificates, credentials, or any of our ministerial supplies, please contact us directly for additional information. You can reach us by visiting:

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
Everything arrived in good shape. No problems.
Thank you for the good service.
Will be sure to contact you in the future with any more needs.
Thank you.
It is good to be in the House of the Lord, knowing that He is my Lord, Savior, and Great High Priest. Once you get to know Him personally, He will never leave you, nor for sake you. Now, get into His Holy Words, to study to show yourselves approved, that a workman need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. That way, you build up you Confidence in Him.
I was trying to get a 1-time-only Officiant license from Nevada so that I could marry my son and his fiancee. I actually needed not this letter, but an exact form completed by Open Ministry to supply with my application. They not only sent me the completed form, but another Affidavit of Authority as well as the forms I needed to complete! I was warned that it might not work because I live in Colorado, and, in fact, it didn't.

But the response I got - quickly and efficiently - was above astonishing. Thank you SO much!

Also, while I asked about a fee in my initial request, I was neither told a fee nor charged one! (Reminder to self: go make that donation you intended to do a few weeks ago.)

Thank you to everyone who so graciously helped me; it's just sad that Nevada's laws require that you live in the same state which issues your ordination! I have only recently become ordained through Open Ministry, but I have had other credentials for almost 10 years, and have legally been marrying couples in CO for the last 5 or so.
Thank you for your prompt processing of my order. The shipping was quick, too! The county clerk was impressed at how quickly the required documents were produced.
I need the Affidavit of Authority so that I could apply for permission to do a one time ceremony in Las Vegas. Open ministry was incredibly helpful. They provided the necessary documents (fully completed and notarized) within days of my request. It was all that I needed. Clark County gave me permission to perform the ceremony. I am very thankful to Open Ministry for their help in this matter (so is my daughter). Customer service of this sort is so rare these days.

John Van Hoven
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