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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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Our Signature Membership Package has everything you need to get started as an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant today. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. This all-inclusive package is perfectly suited for a new minister or practicing officiant to get all their credentials of ministry and official church documentation for registration and display. Includes all the must haves for any ordained minister or wedding officiant.

Membership Package includes:

NOTE: You will receive one standard letter and one additional letter that you chose from the list of options above. The Membership Package can only be shipped via Priority Mail due to weight restrictions.

First and foremost; it greatly concerns me that none of the pictures are readable. Don't all of you want to know what these documents say before your purchase? Seriously. People have a right to know what they are buying. Improve the site and then maybe your rating will increase accordingly.

----Open Ministry Response----
Cindy, Thank you for your review, we have passed your comments to the support department at https://support.oministry.com
the Membership Package
Hi will these potential help me with my outreach and visit nursing home with my ministry


As a member of Open Ministry you are authorized to perform sacerdotal duties of a minister such as baptisms, marriages, communions, baby-naming ceremonies, funerals, and to conduct religious instruction, spiritual counseling, administering religious organizations, hold worship services, religious meetings, and services of clergy.

We are pleased to offer you our services; we appreciate your support of Open Ministry. If you have questions after reading our Minister Guide, you can visit our informative FAQ section. Please contact us directly at https://support.oministry.com for additional information or further assistance.

Open Ministry
the Membership Package
Thank you Open ministry .This certificate of Ordination has allowed me to pursue my calling. Highly recommend to anyone.
the Membership Package
Thank you so much the package is wonderful. Got it in just a few days. Good experince.
the Membership Package
Have been a great success in this and I would like to see more people in this and to pursue their dreams
the Membership Package
The package was exactly what we were looking for. And the post-sale service was very helpful. This is a wonderful service, thanks!
the Membership Package
Your products that I have received has helped me to marry my friends and it will be a nice way of being a Rev.
the Membership Package
I'very impressed with my package. I would like to have the ceremonies also in Spanish since i am bi-lingual and would probable be doing ceremonies for hispanics. The certificates are lovely. Can't wait to start!

thank you God Bless you.
the Membership Package
I will be using all of the products next week for the first time. I have gone through them all and they have been extremely helpful in preparing my first wedding ceremony. The couple is very excited and I am happy to be able to perform it. The packet is very professional and will look great framed.
the Membership Package
Aside from accepting Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, this is the best thing I've ever done. The process was fast, simple, and did I mention,.. FREE. There is A small fee for your credentials, but well worth it. I am now A full Reverend and working on A neighborhood fellowship and bible studies in my home.In the "Membership Package", you get everything you need to start to perform the functions of A Minister/Reverend. The small fee is for top quality, paper, and your name personally printed with the "Open Ministry" seal.Very professional and suitable for framing. Please only the true at heart apply. Don't do this to impress your friends. Only person who have the true calling will benefit greatly.
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the Membership Package
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