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Open Ministry grants Honorary Titles upon request; our Ministry has no hierarchical structure, titles of position and authority are available for independent ministers, churches and ministries. The Honorary Title is custom made with your name, title, and date of bestowal. Included is our gold embossed Ministry Seal. There is no limit to the number of Honorary Titles you can request. Proudly display your ministry title and honorary status with this official church document.

Printed on high quality traditional parchment enhanced with gold foil braided border, metallic ink flowering and starburst design in center. Suitable for framing and display. 

Honorary Title Package includes:

NOTE: Requesting this Title will not change how your name is displayed in your minister account or on other credentials you request.

Got the package in the mail quickly.
Great quality thank you and God bless
When something says free I think of no money needed , as a site for Christ didn't think they would miss led a person , but sure enough get to the end free only $39.99

-----Open Ministry Response------

Our ordination services are 100% free. Our ministry has contacted you via our service desk for follow up on this matter.
Love the package, but missing the letter of good standing and there is no name on my wallet card. But all in all a blessing. Tyvm

----Open Ministry Response ----

Brian, please contact our customer service dept at http://www.open-ministry.org/support for help to resolve this matter.

As a side note: the Honorary Title package does not include Letter of Good Standing.
I have placed in my office for all to see, I thank you for this. Donald Brown
Wonderful certificate! It looks great and is of great quality! Nicely done. I am not the least bit disappointed.
The packaging is nice, I appreciate that the wallet id is plastic and sturdy, and I did not pay close enough attention to the fact that the letter of good standing was not included in the package I obtained. But, in all honesty, how could there be since you don't know anything about me right?

I am waiting on the final Word from God as to what, if any, specific area I may be in as related to ministry services. I may simply be called to minister, period. That is something that goes on through out each of my days, with various people, everyday.

I could use some supportive guidence, referal, on putting together good sermons using various scriptural references per topic. For example: What are your intentions? What will you do with God's Son...accept or reject Him? Any help will be a blessing.
I would just like to say that; is it really that easy to become an "ordained" Minister?

I decided that I would like to have the opportunity to marry men and women in Holy matrimony. So, I found your website and decided to register to recieve your ministry package.

But I feel like maybe this is just a scam to take people's money, without actually providing an real service.

If someone could respond to this, please do do.


I love this. My honorary title reflects me in so many ways, as everyone around me agrees, and suits me more than Reverend ever will. And the wallet card makes things so convenient. I don't get the "Are you really ordained?", but I do get a lot of "Is it official?". So having my wallet card at all times, I can pull it out and respond that I wouldn't have it if my ordination weren't official. But I love that I now have an honorary title of Mystical Philosopher, because it really is so me, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it on the list. Thank you so much. Even my husband likes it.
I find the package well designed and of excellent quality.
I love this package. My certificate were great. Its made on thick paper that would last even the card. I were more then happy with this package.
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