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Baptism Certificate I


This specialty Baptism Certificate has space to write name of child, name of parent/guardian(s), date and place of child's birth, date of baptism, and signatures (minister, sponsors). The Baptism Certificate I is to be completed by the minister. Decorated with our gold embossed ministry seal.

"Baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost."

Certificates are printed on high quality traditional parchment enhanced with gold foil braided border, metallic ink flowering and starburst design in center. Suitable for framing and display. 

The certificates were mailed to me much faster than I thought they would, and they are very professional.
They were great... The Family Loved them...
Thanks Wes
It is great thanks!!! Looking forward to using it!!!
I WE WLL BE USING THE baptism certificate 1 as I have 6 baptism to do in the next 3 mouths.. and I will be getting more from the store soon.
thank you
minister Leroy cross
Received this personalized today in the mail. I'm thrilled with the look of the certificate and how fast it was mailed to me. I would reccomend this certificate to anyone doing a baptism. It's beautiful!
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