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Letter of Good Standing

In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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The Letter of Good Standing is an official document that certifies your Ordination. The letter is notarized with your name, ordination date and live signed by a church officer. Included is our gold embossed Ministry Seal.

NOTE: Most counties require a Letter of Good Standing to register as a wedding Officiant.

Printed on our official letterhead, this high-quality parchment has gold foil accents for special presentation of your Credentials of Ministry

Letter of Good Standing is also included in some of our packages. 

My whole family was excited about the speediness in which you responded to my application to be ordained as well as the quality of the materials I sent for which arrived three days after I ordered them. I am looking forward to performing the marriage of my grandaughter.Thank you to the Open Ministry.
I ordered my letter of good standing when I became ordained last year. The quality of the document was great and the gold foil seal gives it a very professional touch!
Very Professional....professional looking paper and seal
In general I appreciated your quick and professional service, but Ihave to admitt the letter of good standing looks poorly printed like your printer was running out of ink or you use a previous print and just add the name. I am sure it is fine and will do the job when presented to authorities, but I would like the print type to be sharper. Claudia
I just love the professional quality of your products. And the timely manner with which I received them. I looked at other places to be ordained and none compares to the Open Ministry. Some of the places I went to were so over the top in appearance and price, I found it laughable. Thank you again Open Ministry and May God Bless everyone.
Had a small problem getting approval from Clerk of Court office. They want a specific religon and a specific church affiliation. They also wanted to see a certificate not just a letter of good standing. They finally did accept the letter.
I did this because my Grandson wants me to perform his marriage ceremony. I guess we're good to go now.
A nice document to have as proof of my ordination. Its presented in a professional manor, and is to the point. Thanks
Thank you so much for your service. The letter of Ordination is very professional and of such high quality. You couldn't ask for more. Sincerely, Rev. Stone
I thank open ministry is very professional and I am very pleased with all purchase results. Thank yu again. Sincerrly Rev. Willams
I did not find the letter of recommedation required or necessary. At least not so far.

Open Ministry response:

The Letter of Good Standing is proof of ordination and good standing with our Ministry. For the counties that require such documentation, the official letter fulfills those requirements. We recommend having hard copies for registration or in case ordination status was ever questioned. This has proven very useful to our ministers.

Our organization is here to offer assistance to our congregation and is pleased to offer you our ministerial services. We appreciate your comments and support of Open Ministry. We strive to offer 5 star service to all our ministers. Please contact us for more information.
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