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The Minister Wallet Card is essential for any minister. Carry and present your ordination status on the go with this official card. Have your ministerial ID with you when performing ceremonies and conducting religious duties.

Custom made with your name and ordination date. Printed with the Open Ministry seal and signature of a church officer. This mini credential can be used for verification of your minister status.

Details: High quality durable plastic, dual sided, credit card size; 3.75 x 2.25

Minister Wallet Card is also included in some of our packages. 

Excellent heavy guage, quality and beautiful gold-tone card.

Thank you,

Pastor Linda bond
the Minister Wallet Card
I love having the wallet cards. Makes it easier and faster to show I am ordained. Thank you
the Minister Wallet Card
Was everything they said it was and even came way early thank-you so much
the Minister Wallet Card
I love it ! To be able to carry around with me show anytime someone is questioning me.
the Minister Wallet Card
Thank you so much for this card. It is valid and handy to have.
the Minister Wallet Card
I much appreciate this service.
The wallet card bearing my name came quickly and is very professional looking.
I am so proud to have this.
the Minister Wallet Card
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I really thank God and am grateful to him for the minister wallet card that I received from Open Ministry. There was only one correction that needed to be made on the card, and that is the ordination date. The ordination date is June 8, 2015 instead of November 30, 2015. If it is possible I would like to receive another card with the necessary correction made. Also, I was wondering if by any chance that I might be able to receive a letter of good standing as well. I thank God for your understanding, and granting my request. May God continue to bless you, and I will continue to keep you and the Open ministry in my prayers for a more greater and more prosperous new year in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
the Minister Wallet Card
Everything was just as you said it was and I received it within three days after I ordered it very quick and courteous manner I am well pleased so happy god lead me to open ministry thank-you so much
the Minister Wallet Card
Thank you so much for the ordination! My husband and I are very impressed with the professionalism and how nice they are. God is good and you truly give us the opportunity to move on as ministers into our calling. Blessings!
the Minister Wallet Card
I was disappointed that my name did not appear under Open Ministry and Credential of Ministry, to me that would be more appropriate.

Thank you

----------Open Ministry Response------------

Thank you for your feedback on the wallet card design, we will pass your suggestion to our chaplain for review.
the Minister Wallet Card
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