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5 Tips for Ministers officiating a Wedding Ceremony for the first time.

by Open Ministry
Tips for Ministers

1.    Make sure to Get Ordained!
This one should be a no brainer, over here at Open Ministry we are always here for you and we have your back. After becoming Ordained with our Ministry your wonderful journey of officiating ceremonies will begin.

2.    Communicate with the Bride and Groom.
Email, phone calls, text messaging is important to flesh out the concepts and any ideas you and the bride and groom may have for the ceremony vows and order of procession.

3.    Rehearse the Ceremony.
Practice, Practice, Practice! It is important for you to practice so you will be confident in your speech and body language. Remember, it is your responsibility and privilege to perform the beautiful ceremony and this will be a day you and the bride and groom will never forget.

4.    Take Charge!
Confidence is very attractive and infectious and since you have now rehearsed so many times it is only natural that you as an Ordained Minister take charge of the situation. Respond swiftly and confidently with any snags or sudden changes and own the day. The bride and groom will thank you for it!

5.    Have fun and Enjoy the Experience.
Overall, this is truly one of the most cherished acts that will happen in your lifetime. There is no better feeling then doing good work and creating a positive atmosphere in the presence of others. Indeed, this will be the first of many moments in life where you will look back and reflect on the magic of the day!

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