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Ceremony Booklet


This exclusive Ceremony Booklet is a must have for any minister or officiant. A perfect size to travel with, read when performing a ceremony or use for inspirational reference. With this booklet easily customize a variety of ceremonies; includes readings, outlines and helpful information. Most of the samples and guides are based on love with fairly neutral wording and can be adapted. Includes the Open Ministry name and official seal.

Printed on high quality paper and enclosed in a decorative gold foil embossed soft cover. 40 page booklet; 5½ x 8½

Ceremony Booklet includes:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Civil Ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Sample Vows
  • Baptism Ceremony
  • Baby Naming / Blessing
  • Funeral Service
  • Blank Note Pages
  • Ceremony Components
  • Personalization Options
- Hand Blessing
- Rose Giving
- Unity Candle
- Family Inclusion

Excellent ceremony booklet this was a must have for me as a minister. This was the perfect size for traveling.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
This is just what I was looking for.. It arrived well before I was expecting it, I know w I will get years of use out of it, as a matter of fact I'm performing a wedding service with it today !!!
review of the Ceremony Booklet
What an excellent reference material. Many different ceremonial service suggestions and the booklet itself mirrors the quality of everything I've requested from Open Ministries.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
Great price. Book could be a little bigger for the print to read.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
This booklet is full of useful information not only for myself but for the couples that I am performing their ceremony.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
Good book for the price, a lot of good options for different ceremonies
review of the Ceremony Booklet
The Booklet was very helpful, on how to preform a marriage with a lot of good tips.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
A very well thought out and extremely handy ceremonial booklet.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
excellent booklet to get you started. JUST A REMINDER: it is also important to make sure that the people that you are marrying are equally yoked to be married or that is blasphemy of the holy ghost.
review of the Ceremony Booklet
Perfect example of how to perform the ceremony. Lots of great guidelines and helpful information
review of the Ceremony Booklet
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