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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is perfect for the minister about to perform a marriage ceremony. Display your official Credentials of Ministry to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Give a Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift and present it in the Certificate Holder to protect their certificate and enhance the presentation. Become a wedding officiant today with this custom package that includes official church documentation for registration and display.

Ceremony Package includes:

My order was received promptly and the package contained the documents and information that I needed to perform the marriage ceremony for my Grandaughter and her soon to be partner.
Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity.
the Ceremony Package
I received my order on a timely basis, everything was correct and looked professional. I like the the way you do business!!

Thank You,

Rich Doty
the Ceremony Package
Great little package to help you get started. The booklet provides wordings for most aproaches, traditional or otherwise.

Well worth the small price.
the Ceremony Package
Everything went really well in going thru the process of being ordained. I did get the wedding package and the bride and groom loved it. I have already wedded one couple and now i'm getting more requests. i suggest going thru open ministries highly.
the Ceremony Package
The materials arrived in a timely fashion and were much nicer than expected.
the Ceremony Package
SO easy, user-friendly, and best of all..FREE! I sincerely appreciate the effort and thought that went into this organization
the Ceremony Package
If what you want is to see happy couples begin their desired journey, free from the judgment of mortals, than this is the association that matters.
the Ceremony Package
I was very pleased with the ceremony package that I recieved in order to perform
wedding ceremonies. I was able to give my son the wedding that him and his fiancé
wanted. Thank u for allowing me to become ordained through your church. Bless you.
the Ceremony Package
The materials I paid for were very helpful in the wedding I performed this weekend. It was great to be able to choose from the sample ceremonies.

I am geatful to able to share a part of myself with other like minded people. And I got great feed back about the wedding ceremony.

Thank you Open Ministry
the Ceremony Package
So far I have been impressed with Open Ministry. I received my credentials within a couple of days and the card for my wallet looks professional as well as the other paperwork. I appreciate their ongoing support and products I can order directly from their web site, which is easy to navigate. I would recommend Open Ministry to others.
the Ceremony Package
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