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This package is perfect for the minister about to perform a marriage ceremony. Display your official Credentials of Ministry to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Give a Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift and present it in the Certificate Holder to protect their certificate and enhance the presentation. Become a wedding officiant today with this custom package that includes official church documentation for registration and display.

Ceremony Package includes:

To Whom It May Concern,
The Ceremony Package I received is exactly what I ordered. I took this information to the county the wedding was held at, got my seal of approval from the county and I was ready to perform the wedding ceremony. My niece and her future husband and I wrote the ceremony, had the wedding at my sister's house and it was all beautiful.

Thanks for all your help; I'm very gracious.
the Ceremony Package
This included everything I needed to be registered with the state. It was delivered quickly and all documents are professional in appearance. The process has been been very easy and efficient. :) Thank you!
the Ceremony Package
I loved the ceremony package, just wish i would have ordered larger package. Otherwise i am very please with your service and will recomend other about your ordination service.
the Ceremony Package
I got my online ordination from Open Ministry just in time for a special family member's wedding that couldn't secure the right officiant. The ordination process was fast and painless. I ordered the Ceremony Package and it arrived as promised, on time and in perfect condition. The certificates were all very high quality materials, suitable for framing. I definitely picked the right ordination source with Open Ministry. Well done!
the Ceremony Package
The package was just like described. I would order it again. It helped you go through the process and has a nice commemorative certificate.
the Ceremony Package
This packet came quickly and had everything to help get started with wedding prep! It was a hug relief to have. It all looks very good also. I recommend this to anyone just starting out.
the Ceremony Package
great package went very well would not change anything
the Ceremony Package
My experiences have been good except for my last order. I ordered a certificate (custom) and it was lost by the post office for several days. I ordered it express service and I received it four days after the event.

For the amount of extra money spent on express processing and then the additional for the custom certificate with 1-2 day shipping I was expecting to have it in time for the ceremony.

Thanks & Blessings!

Eric Grant

-------------Open Ministry Response---------------

Eric, your request for the custom certificate was place on 9/30/2015 @ 3:44, after our express mail cut off time, your package was processed on 10/1/2015 and shipped out that day with express mail. According to your tracking information your package was delivered to/at your mail box October 2, 2015 , 1:11 pm.

If this information is not correct please let us know and we can file a claim with the post office, please contact us http://www.open-ministry.org/support, i
the Ceremony Package
I received my packet and was very happy with the information in it. My son has asked me to marry him and feel very honored.

Thank you,

Harry Eitemiller
the Ceremony Package
I really liked how easy your website is to use and how fast I got my package. Everything went very smoothly and I am looking forward to my next ceremony. Thank you very much.
the Ceremony Package
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