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This package is perfect for the minister about to perform a marriage ceremony. Display your official Credentials of Ministry to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Give a Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift and present it in the Certificate Holder to protect their certificate and enhance the presentation. Become a wedding officiant today with this custom package that includes official church documentation for registration and display.

Ceremony Package includes:

The package was very helpful and exactly what I needed for the wedding I officiated. Thank you. Virgil
the Ceremony Package
this was a very simple and easy thing to accomplish
just a few steps and the order that I requested was sent right away and received within one week
very much appreciated the prompt service
thank you
the Ceremony Package
I love my package although for some reason I thought the candle in the wine glasses were included as they are in the picture and getting ready to perform my first handfasting ceremony
the Ceremony Package
As a former member of the Armed Forces, I found this inspiring to my family, friends, and brothers and sisters in arms. At this time, I need to order more certificates...weddings, baptisms, funerals... Everything in its good time. This whole thing has brought me a peace of mind... And that of those aforementioned. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
the Ceremony Package
I received my package within a few days and it was everything I expected and more. The Certificates were high quality and very professional in touch and appearance. I am proud to display them in my office and will be using the Ceremonial Certificate in a few days as a request for a perfect keepsake. I highly recommend Open Ministry to all that may be wishing to participate in a blessed ceremony.
the Ceremony Package
Your website and service walked me through the process of getting ordained very well. Your products look professional and were accepted very well. So thank you.
the Ceremony Package
Sorry for benign so long to write. Been busy planning weddings for people.
I have found everything that I have got from the ministry has been great and looks great . The info that I've got has helped and the best thing is your always there to help if I need you

Thanks , Rev. Christopher Dyes
the Ceremony Package
The package was very impressive! Very heavy paper and professional look. The wedding went great, and the couple loved the certificates.
the Ceremony Package
this is just what I needed plus more. Each form is beautifully put together. I know I will be it again.
the Ceremony Package
Very simple and easy. Received within a few days. Highly reccomend.
the Ceremony Package
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