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Open Ministry grants Honorary Titles upon request; our Ministry has no hierarchical structure, titles of position and authority are available for independent ministers, churches and ministries. The Honorary Title is custom made with your name, title, and date of bestowal. Included is our gold embossed Ministry Seal. There is no limit to the number of Honorary Titles you can request. Proudly display your ministry title and honorary status with this official church document.

Printed on high quality traditional parchment enhanced with gold foil braided border, metallic ink flowering and starburst design in center. Suitable for framing and display. 

Honorary Title Package includes:

NOTE: Requesting this Title will not change how your name is displayed in your minister account or on other credentials you request.

This was an added bonus to the membership package. The documents are just as ornate and official as the membership materials.
In all very smart.The Certificate folder is a very good idea.
Your Certificates are very smart also your wallet card.I have noticed that you do not have a lapel pin with say " open ministry clergy " on it also ditto say a cloth blazer badge.I think that you should also look at House blessing Certificates and affirmation of love certificates.Also as adults often get baptized I think that you need to re address this as your baptism certificates are obviously for just children.
You have not put a cross on your certificates and to a certain extent I can understand this as some of the smaller Churches shy away from this sort of thing being non conformist in nature.
I rather feel that there should be a bit more feed back, ie someone there to make you feel part of the organization with a monthly newspaper covering various topics of the ministry.Also re the ceremony booklet it would be nice if this covered the house blessing affirmation of love ceremonies etc.
But on the who I think that the open ministry is very good which also has good works re its charity donations,this is why I continue to give a small donation each Sunday and will probably double up on all of my certificates in the near future.May God Bless You All,' Numbers 6 24 to 26' The Rev. Philip Murray.
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