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Letter of Good Standing

In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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The Letter of Good Standing is an official document that certifies your Ordination. The letter is notarized with your name, ordination date and live signed by a church officer. Included is our gold embossed Ministry Seal.

NOTE: Most counties require a Letter of Good Standing to register as a wedding Officiant.

Printed on our official letterhead, this high-quality parchment has gold foil accents for special presentation of your Credentials of Ministry

Letter of Good Standing is also included in some of our packages. 

The letter of good standing is a specialized document that will convey to all persons that you are officially ordained.
I ordered the Letter In Good Standing to be able to file this with my county Recorders office.
I ordered this for a wedding that I needed to do in a timely manner. It is very professional looking and it arrived quickly!
The Letter of Good Standing was well written and very helpful. It is especially useful when dealing with foreign agencies and governments.
This Letter of Good Standing is very well written and has a good appearance to hang in your office.
I am very pleased with your products! I got certified through NYC! It was an easy process! I performed my first ceremony in December! Thank you so much for the information you provide in this website.
The letter of good standing is your gateway to starting your practice as an ordained minister in your area. The letter is very professional and well received by the clerk's office. My advice: have more than one copy on hand for one will be relinquished to the clerk, one to frame and display and one for your records. I presented the package to other people interested in becoming an officiant and were very surprised at the letter. Thank you again.
P.S. Forgot to say, the letter is most impressive. God Bless YOU ALL.Numbers 6,24 to26.
Before I go on to your letter of good standing, I feel that there are one or two points to go over.I have mentioned before that your Baptism Certificates only seem to be for infants.This is a point that I think you have to redress. I think that you should have affirmation of love certificates. A Badge of some sort to wear ( lapel pin or blazer) open-ministry top line Pastor or priest or clergy bottom line.I feel that there is not enough contact/feedback from your Church Office.Talk to us your Ministers.Now should we ( by the Lords grace) be able to start up a small congregation / Church / where is your Certificate to state thus, + open ministry policy ?

I feel that you need to alleviate these issues to really grab hold of/gain the attention of your congregation.
To Justin and to the Staff and to all of the Ministers of the open ministry I am your Truly, Rev,philip.
I am exceedingly pleased with your website and your services. My experience with Open Ministry has been excellent and a God Send.

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