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The Ordination Credential is acknowledgment of your ordination, imprinted with your name, ordination date and signature of a church officer. Included is our gold embossed Ministry Seal. The Certificate of Ordination is a decorative physical copy of your Credentials of Ministry and a beautiful long lasting certificate to treasure for life.

NOTE: Most states will require credentials to register as a marriage Officiant.

Credentials are printed on high quality traditional parchment enhanced with gold foil braided border, metallic ink flowering and starburst design in center. Suitable for framing and display. 

Ordination Credential is also included in some of our packages. 

the Ordination Credential
I received my ordination certificate in the mail. It glowed with power, the power to marry people. Once I pulled it out of the box I the glowing light surrounded me, filling my body and coursing through my veins, I felt full in a way I have never felt before. I was stretched and bursting with the sanctity of marriage! I could barley contain it's massive power inside me, and yet I did. I felt like a real man, in a way that owning & firing a gun cannot compare to. I was one of the chosen few, who would now safe guard and protect the sanctity of marriage.
the Ordination Credential
I am very satisfied with the ordination process and f/u of credentials from Open Ministries.
Thank You,
Leon Francis
the Ordination Credential
Open Ministry

I am very pleased to be ordained into the Open Ministry also with the Ordination Credenital. Now I am able to Bless and welcome all new Angels into the world and marry them together as well.Thanks to the Open Ministry my credentials now show my inner spirit, on the outside, as a legel, caring, loving minister that I have always been.
the Ordination Credential
I thank God for letting me find such a great ministry. very satisfied. Thank you.
the Ordination Credential
impressive,thank you.It stands out, people make comments like it looks good and official.
the Ordination Credential
The Certificate of Ordination was nice. The paper and ink is of good quality. It will look good in a frame.
Thank you
W Jensen
the Ordination Credential
The document is very well made and so beautiful. I am very proud to display it!
the Ordination Credential
Gorgeous! Heavy weight paper, very official and solemn looking document. Perfect!
the Ordination Credential
It is a very interesting experience to be recognized as a pastor. I have scheduled for my first wedding on the third okf September. Thank you for your help.
the Ordination Credential
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