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Fun ideas for your wedding ceremony

by Open Ministry
Fun Wedding Ideas

Getting married is one of the most wonderful events that happen in our lifetime. The lifelong commitment of two individuals to one another is so special and has strong roots of tradition. But when it really comes down to it, the ceremony is about the two people and their love and commitment for one another so why not tie the knot in a non-traditional way? Here are some ideas for a fun funky off beat wedding!



Love is literally in the air for this thrill-seeking duo as they exchange vows on board a plane and then jumped out of it from 16,000ft with the best man, bridesmaid and the officiant close behind. Why not seal the deal with an “I do” during the freefall, followed by a kiss?


Ceremony on a Subway:

This couple decided to tie the knot and wed on the N train as it passed from Brooklyn into Manhattan on the Manhattan Bridge. Why? Because it's their favorite subway line of course! They even decorated poles with charming silver bells and purple to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. This was truly a ceremony for everyone and it was the more, the merrier, with all their delighted and surprised commuter guests treated to a beautiful ceremony.


Wedding on a Mountaintop:

Hiking can be one of the most serene experiences. With so many trails and mountains, you really can’t go wrong finding beauty in nature. This beautiful location in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains is truly special to the couple, making the decision to tie the knot there an easy one.

Underwater Wedding:

Do you like to snorkel or scuba dive? True love awaits in the ocean! This couple enjoys the beauty of the underwater world and shares the special moment.