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Wedding season is here

by Open Ministry
Wedding Season is Here

Wedding Season is Here!

Can you believe it is May already? It seems like the time is flying by, the days are longer and the flowers are in bloom. With the sweet smells of spring in the air and the harmonious sounds of mother earth resonating throughout the land, there is no better time to plan your beautiful wedding ceremony. We understand that planning your dream wedding is sometimes a daunting task, and sometimes simply picking your wedding theme is the best way to start. 


We here at Open Ministry would love to help you get started – listed below are a few great ideas for wedding themes.

1 The Classic Vintage - Capturing the spirit of the 20’s lends to a chic and stylish wedding. Think older antique slightly feminine styling. Focus on pastel muted color palettes and a lot of white lace. Antique items such as keys, broaches, ceramics, and beads are tasteful additions.

Romantic Ceremony

2 Romantic (aka fairy tale wedding) – This wedding theme is timeless. White flowers everywhere are a must! White linens and softer pink hues are always a nice touch. Dress the groomsmen in classic black tuxedos and bridesmaids in a softer pink palette. Feeling really creative and want some more inspiration? Think every Disney movie wedding ever.

3 Rustic Theme – Wood and warm colors are the key here. Bronze, Rust, Copper, Yellow (more on yellow later), and Mauve are great colors to get your creative gears going. Linens such as burlap, tweed, and twine are all awesome for a rustic theme. Don’t forget about the yellow! Fresh dandelions, lemons, and honey are wonderful additions for décor. Felling fresh? Incorporate some fresh herbs such as beautiful rosemary, basil, and mint into your mosaic.