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This exclusive Ceremony Booklet is a must have for any minister or officiant. A perfect size to travel with, read when performing a ceremony or use for inspirational reference. With this booklet easily customize a variety of ceremonies; includes readings, outlines and helpful information. Most of the samples and guides are based on love with fairly neutral wording and can be adapted. Includes the Open Ministry name and official seal.

Printed on high quality paper and enclosed in a decorative gold foil embossed soft cover. 40 page booklet; 5½ x 8½

Ceremony Booklet includes:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Civil Ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Sample Vows
  • Baptism Ceremony
  • Baby Naming / Blessing
  • Funeral Service
  • Blank Note Pages
  • Ceremony Components
  • Personalization Options
- Hand Blessing
- Rose Giving
- Unity Candle
- Family Inclusion

I love all your products that I have purchased. The seal, credentials,ceremony booklet,minister wallet card
the Ceremony Booklet
I can not believe how much is in the book. It has and will be very helpfull.
the Ceremony Booklet
very easy to read and follow very pleased with the booklet
the Ceremony Booklet
this is a great book to have. has several services and is very handy. hopefully open ministry will put out a new one with more stuff sometime soon.
the Ceremony Booklet
It was very helpful in planning my ceremonies. I enjoy having different options and different ways of doing ceremonies. I am very excited about performing one of the ceremonies from the book very soon.
the Ceremony Booklet
I am very pleased with the Ceremony Booklet, it is a wonderful help to my
preparing weddings and funerals.

I also like the different packages offered by Open Ministy.

I am very Pleased.

Pastor Lorrayne M. Rizer
the Ceremony Booklet
The Ceremony booklet is a good deal and a nice reference point. Even if a custom ceremony is planned, it gives you the framework for the components of numerous types of celebrations. This is excellent.

When I married, we designed a custom ceremony but completely forgot some of the details, like how we would enter. Happily the minister was experienced and easily adapted to the circumstance. With a framework such as offered, it could avoid such missteps or allow you the flexibility our minister had.
the Ceremony Booklet
I felt the book was extremely helpful. I added a few things from the bible from the book of Genesis so it didn't seem too generic. I would recomend to anyone who is looking to become ordained for marital purposes, to get this booklet.
the Ceremony Booklet
the booklet was very helpful and I was easily able to incorporate my own thoughts and personel touches.
the Ceremony Booklet
Very helpful. I have started a church. Information is always helpful, especially from a reliable source.

Thank You

Pastor Orville Wilhite

Holiness Church
visit us at: www.holinesschurch.us
the Ceremony Booklet
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