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This exclusive Ceremony Booklet is a must have for any minister or officiant. A perfect size to travel with, read when performing a ceremony or use for inspirational reference. With this booklet easily customize a variety of ceremonies; includes readings, outlines and helpful information. Most of the samples and guides are based on love with fairly neutral wording and can be adapted. Includes the Open Ministry name and official seal.

Printed on high quality paper and enclosed in a decorative gold foil embossed soft cover. 40 page booklet; 5½ x 8½

Ceremony Booklet includes:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Civil Ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Sample Vows
  • Baptism Ceremony
  • Baby Naming / Blessing
  • Funeral Service
  • Blank Note Pages
  • Ceremony Components
  • Personalization Options
- Hand Blessing
- Rose Giving
- Unity Candle
- Family Inclusion

I perfomed my first wedding ceremony on Oct 23. I married 2 people I love dearly and was awed by the trust they put in me to make this special for them. The ceremony booklet had beautiful readings and offered a selection of different vows from the usual. selected parts from different vows and put them together to make their ceremony unique, beautiful and meaningful What I was able to take from this booklet made me absolutely certain their wedding ceremony would be everything they hoped for. I was a glorious day. Thank you
the Ceremony Booklet
The booklet was more than i expected. I did not realise ther was so many different way to mary people. It is very informative.
the Ceremony Booklet
The booklet was very helpful. I would have like more poems than prayers the one about the sun rain is the one I used in the wedding I performed & I would love to have more options like that to choose from.
the Ceremony Booklet
I found this to be quite useful in terms of suggestions on various topics not to mention different examples of how a ceremony goes. For the 1st time user it's an invaluable tool.
the Ceremony Booklet
The booklet contains several options and ideas for vows, processions, and advice on how to conduct the overall ceremony. I found a lot of ideas from the internet, however I found the information in this handy little booklet better and more helpful. If you are a rookie minister, this is your play book and is an absolute must.
the Ceremony Booklet
The booklet was a great asset. I was asked to perform a wedding for a friend at his lake house. He wanted something simple and I was able to use a bits of different ceremonies to put together the perfect weeding. This was my forst one and everyone said it was absolutley wonderful. A great resource!!
the Ceremony Booklet
This is such a helpful booklet. Has any kind of ceremony one could imagine. And it's all in one booklet so parts can be chosen from multiple ceremonies to personalize for what you want.
the Ceremony Booklet
The Ceremony Booklet is a wonderful help. The vow's are remarkable and well received. I would like to make a suggestion that the booklet be put into a hard cover or leather binding. I have purchased a bookcover to "dress" the booklet up a bit. It is a simple leather cover that the booklet slips into. It made me feel more comfortable presenting myself in a more professional way. Please don't take this as being vain, but when dealing with newlyweds in their preparations, it just presents yourself better.
the Ceremony Booklet
This book is incredibly helpful. What I feel I can offer couples is the opportunity to truly customize their wedding ceremony to reflect who they are, and this booklet is the ideal resource. We can sit down and discuss options for each part of the ceremony, and what we inevitably end up with is a very personal ceremony that they feel very good about. I've done five weddings and have four more scheduled, and I can't imagine doing any of them without this booklet. Thanks!
the Ceremony Booklet
The ceremony book is very good I just did my first wedding and going to do another one in May, thank you very much. May God Bless You all
the Ceremony Booklet
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