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Decorative Ministry Seal


The Open Ministry Seal is embossed and produced using high quality real metallic foils for striking appearance and lasting durability. Self-adhesive seal can be used anywhere you want to display your support and affiliation with our Ministry.

High quality foil seal! Happy that it is available and arrived so quickly!
Very professional looking. Comes in handy and is of good quality. Thank you for everything!
Great price! Looks as advertized (looks even better actually in person). Very satisfied. Looks professional. Would recommend to others! Will be purchasing more for using on my stationary being the price is very affordable. Thank you!
Really enjoy the seal.
This allow pride to the new couples...
I think it should have a number associated with your specific ordaination or back to you the individual connected with Open Ministry, other than that it is nice
I think the decorative ministry seal is a must have for any of the open ministrys certicates includeing baptismal certicates credential and all other doctrine from open ministry store. I always keep afew on hand. sincerely your in christ
Rev. michael j smith
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