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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is ideal for ordained ministers who want more than the base package. Includes your official Letter of Good Standing, Ordination Credential, Membership Certificate, Classic Marriage Certificate, and Certificate Folder. Give the Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift. This package can help you become a registered minister and provide you with the church documentation you need to present your official credentials of ministry. Proudly display your status as an ordained minister and membership with Open Ministry.

Minister Package includes:

Product arrived on time, and as advertised. I can recommend the Complete Minister Package.
Product arrived on time, and as advertised. I can recommend the Complete Minister Package.
I wasn't pleased with the products I received. They were poor quality and you can barely make out the stock photo images on the documents that came in. This is not a quality package.

==== Open Ministry Response ====

Adina, All of our credentials were hand crafted by an American graphic designer, we are sad to hear that you are not satisfied with your credentials. We stand behind the quality and services that we provide.

Please visit http://www.open-ministry.org/support to create a support ticket for assistance in this matter.
Hello, My name is Frank, but I have not had the chance to certify myself at the proper clerks office. But I do have a ceremony that is coming up and I will let you know as how it came out. All of my certificates are in order and I appreciate your concern. Thanks Frank Velasquez
Excellent look very professional will recommend to anyone who is looking to go into ministry!
Exactly what I was looking for and hoping to receive. Meets all expectations.
My experience was excellent. Simple, professional, along with all the tools to perform a ceremony that I could have asked for..advice, with Open Ministry's tools, layout your ceremony thru the many examples they give you that fit the particular ceremony, and the results will be great memories, along with a great ceremony.
I would like to say I am very pleased with Open Ministry and its easy application to its facilities. The packages your ministry carries are excellent and have many good choices to pick from. I am very pleased with your services and I look forward continuing to do business with Open Ministries. Thank you very much and may The Most High continue to bless this ministry.
josef dill
Got to me in a timely manner. Love it. Will be preforming my first wedding soon! :)
I am very pleased with my Beautiful documents, printed on very nice card stock.I love the way my name was printed out as well.I framed mine right away and display it proudly in my living room. It is a great deal money wise as well.Becoming ordained is a serious matter.Please only do this if you feel truly called by God into His service. I am most thankful for this opportunity.My items came fast and in great condition and packed quite nicely as well.Don't hesitate if you feel lead to do this.
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