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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is ideal for ordained ministers who want more than the base package. Includes your official Letter of Good Standing, Ordination Credential, Membership Certificate, Classic Marriage Certificate, and Certificate Folder. Give the Marriage Certificate to the couple-to-be as a commemorative gift. This package can help you become a registered minister and provide you with the church documentation you need to present your official credentials of ministry. Proudly display your status as an ordained minister and membership with Open Ministry.

Minister Package includes:

The packet was very complete and helpful. I found all the information to be most helpful. A friend who is an experienced minister went through the packet with me and told me he wished he had this kind of information when he was ordained by another organization.
I was very pleased at how easy it was to become ordained. The materials I ordered were very nice and I received them quickly. Would recommend this to anyone.
I received all the info I paid for...however I am disappointed to find out when I went to the clerks office to request priviledges to perform ceremonies I was told that the Attorney General of Virginia had recommended to the county that they do not honor the request based on the fact that it is not recognized nor affiliated with any churches in our county. I was told I had to be affiliated with one of the churches in the county. I was not able to become an officiant for weddings here.
This package is beautiful. It has everything one would need to get started and is so nicely put together. I am looking forward to using this and future products from Open Ministry in my endeavors to bring meaning to myself and the people I will serve.
In general the process was very easy and I was well pleased with the service. However, I have since found that the county in which I was to perform my first wedding does not recognize online ordinations. Further, I found that when I called Open Ministry to ask a few questions, that I could not get anyone on a phone call but was simply directed to their website. I might suggest any that are looking into online ordination make certain that the online ordination will actually be honored where they wish to perform services.
Open Ministry adds value and simplicity to becoming an Ordained Minister. Easy to choose from packages that offer all the certificates to perform all services. A great resource for all questions and information regarding your duties as an Ordained Minister.
Printed certificates were if good quality. The ID card was of poor quality with missing letters on the gold wallet card,so I don't carry it would like to have it replaced with a better printed one.

---Open Ministry Response---


Please contact our support for a replacement to be shipped out.
I was extremely happy with the pkg. and the service. Will be performing my first wedding Sat. Oct. 4th. 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. Thank you again. IG
I did not get my wallet card. I checked the box for my free wallet card and did not get it. I was very displeased when I received my packet. One reason I even got the package I did.


Thank you for taking the time to review our products and services; we appreciate your feedback. The package you ordered does not include the Minister Wallet Card, it is an add-on option that was not selected and you were not charged for. Please review your order invoice for details.

We want you to have the information you need to help in your minister endeavors. If you have questions after reading our Minister Guide, you can visit our informative FAQ section. Please contact us with any questions, concerns or if you would like additional information. To reach us, create a Support Ticket through our Contact Us page online.

Open Ministry
The process was effortless. The instructions on what to do with regard to my local parishes (Louisiana)we precise. I received everything I ordered quicker that I expected. I am very pleased.
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