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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is great for ministers who are just getting started, you will get your official Letter of Good Standing and Ordination Credential with a certificate holder to protect your credentials. Display your credentials at home, office or other special place to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. Our standard base package is ideal for newly ordained ministers who need their credentials of ministry for registration and display.

Ordination Package includes:

I was very pleased with the Ordination Package. Everything was as represented and was very impressed with how quickly it arrived.Thank You!!
the Ordination Package
Thank you so much! I am now equipped to marry my granddaughter and her fiance!
I just have to register with the County Clerk. The Packet is invaluable, beautifully embossed certificate of Ordination, Letter of Good Standing, Booklet of vows, and instructions for completing registration in my state! I am very pleased with both the process and the help!
God Bless your Ministry.
the Ordination Package
This was a complete package that included everything needed to perform a marriage. This marriage was performed in Iowa.
the Ordination Package
really easy process to get ordinated and the site has any thing I might need in single form or in package form .
the Ordination Package
Looks good for displaying. Our county recognizes it, no problems.
the Ordination Package
Have not used it yet. Could not find out if State of Kansas accept the information I received. Still searching for someone else who already is using their Ordained title as a minister.
the Ordination Package
To God be the Glory for the sheppard of Open Ministry and thier leadership. Continue to allow the holy spirit to use you for the betterment of our society.
the Ordination Package
I am real happy with this website and the ease
Of using it! I would like also say thank you to
Open ministry for me being able to get official legal documents for ordination.
the Ordination Package
Thank you making this an easy and less expensive option to get my officiant certification, as it made the ability of being able to marry my daughter that much more memorable and special.
the Ordination Package
Open Ministry has been an amazing experience and their services have allowed me to be a more open-thinking person whose responsibility lies in spreading kindness.
the Ordination Package
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