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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is great for ministers who are just getting started, you will get your official Letter of Good Standing and Ordination Credential with a certificate holder to protect your credentials. Display your credentials at home, office or other special place to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. Our standard base package is ideal for newly ordained ministers who need their credentials of ministry for registration and display.

Ordination Package includes:

I ordered the Ordination package and am very pleased with it.
the Ordination Package
I am happy with the ordination package that I have ordered.
The material is well presented and professional.

Thank you
the Ordination Package
Service and delivery was prompt and exactly as described. I am very satisfied with every aspect of having dealt with Open Ministry. Instructions and information provided by the website was very helpful to me.
the Ordination Package
love the way the license looks and the quality of the paper,how ever i would love to have recieved the small wallet size ministers card.I have been in the ministery for almost 30 years and your documents looks very professiomal.my grand son wanted me to perform his marriage ceremony nad with out those documents i would not have been able to do the wedding so thank you all at open ministery for all your help. yours in CHRIST EVANG. ROBERT S. NICHOLSON
the Ordination Package
I have not received my orientation kit. I would appreciate it if you would send it to me at my winter address:

2275 S. Ocean Blvd. Apt 103A
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Thank you very much!

--------Open Ministry Response--------

Your package was shipped and delivered via USPS with tracking to the mailing address specified on your order. Please contact us directly for more information.

Our organization is here to offer assistance to our congregation and is pleased to offer our ministerial services. We appreciate your comments and support of Open Ministry. We strive to offer 5 star service to all our ministers. Please contact us directly at info@open-ministry.org with any questions, concerns or if you would like additional information.

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
the Ordination Package
The Ordination Package arrived very quickly and looks fantastic! It was well worth the money. I am looking forward to using my ordination from Open-Ministry to perform my first wedding ceremony in May!
the Ordination Package
Perfect! Just what I needed to make my friends dream of me officiating her wedding a reality.
the Ordination Package
My order came quickly, and was easy to review and it helped me to prepare for officiating my nephews wedding. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about being an ordained minister.
the Ordination Package
Very nice package! The certificate alone is with the price. I'm glad I selected this package with Open Ministry!
the Ordination Package
I was satisfied with my purchase and received my delivery on time. I have not performed any ceremonies to date, but plan to come spring time. -Tammy
the Ordination Package
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