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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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This package is great for ministers who are just getting started, you will get your official Letter of Good Standing and Ordination Credential with a certificate holder to protect your credentials. Display your credentials at home, office or other special place to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. Our standard base package is ideal for newly ordained ministers who need their credentials of ministry for registration and display.

Ordination Package includes:

If first of all looks very impressive.
Secondly, I find others give me more of a respect.
Thirdly, I feel quite a bit different.
I feel really good about this ordination.

Rev. R M Bale
It's a nice package. The certificates are nice and professional looking. Glad to have it, I will put a copy of it on my teaching website when I get time to work on it.
very nice for the price. looking forward to buying other packages.
Credentials look wonderful. All very professionally made and look great. The addition of the foil seals make the documents look even more official. This was a wonderful process and a true blessing. I look forward to putting my ordination to good use. Thank you and God Bless.
I found Open Ministry to be very user-friendly and hassle-free. My ordination packet looked very professional and was shipped quickly. The directory is a wonderful service provided to me as well. I am quite pleased with Open Ministry's support and materials.
Beth Leos, Carrollton TX
Dear Open Ministry
You have been very helpful in guiding me with info to help me in getting my first wedding together. Thanks again,
The ordination package was much more than I expected!! It is beautiful and the gold seals give the professioanl appearance necessary for me to pursue my intended goal to perform marriage ceremonies and establish my own church and non-profit foundation.

I received the ordination package within 5 days and was impressed with your prompt service. I was even able to track my package with the USPS tracking number that you provided.

Thank you for your professional, prompt service and for also allowing me to recognize and achieve my goals in the ministry.
The service was timely. The package was well done. I was very happy with the service overall. The collection of information on the web site with regards to legal issues in various states was also quite a plus.

Thank you,

Rev. Richard Nickell
I received your package as promised. I'm happy with the quality and presentation.
Dear Open Ministry:

I was able to retrieve my materials from the post office today, I was thrilled, it makes it all the more real.

Thank you!

Rev. Sue Ellen Evans
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